Tag: NServiceBus

  • Using Azure Cosmos persistence with NServiceBus

    This post explains how you can use NServiceBus and Azure Cosmos DB persistence together for scalability and reliability.

  • Azure SQL to Cosmos DB – Lesson Learnt

    We are currently working on a greenfield project which involves building several microservices on Azure. One of our primary services had Azure SQL as its data source originally. But, midway during the development, we decided to switch Cosmos DB instead. One of the main motivations for this switch was that it was too hard to…

  • Sending message from Azure Functions to NServiceBus receiver

    NServiceBus is one of the most widely used service bus in .NET World. It offers features like high performance, scalability, automatic retries, auditing and so-on. NService has an out-of-box support for MSMQ, RabbitMQ, Sql Server, Azure Service Bus, etc. Our organization uses NServiceBus for messaging and workflow. We use Azure Service Bus in test/production and…

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