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  • Microsoft Bot Framework – Part 2: Publish Bot Service to Azure

    This blog post is Part 2 of how to create a chat bot with Microsoft Bot Framework which can answer FAQs on your website. This is in continuation to my previous post where I explained how to create a QnA service using Microsoft QnA service maker. You can read Part 1 of my post here. […]

  • Microsoft Bot Framework – Part 1: QnA Service

    Recently, we had a hack day in our organization. As part of Hack day, we were given one day to work on our hobby project and demonstrate it to everyone. I took that opportunity to learn more about Microsoft Bot Framework and demonstrate its capability. 6 hours later, I was ready with a prototype of a […]

  • Dispose HttpClient or have a static instance?

    Recently, I came across this blog post from ASP.NET Monsters which talks about correct using HttpClient. The post talks about issues of related to disposing HttpClient object for each request. As per the post calling HttpClient as below can lead to issues.

  • Azure Load Balancer on Virtual Machines

    Recently, I needed to scale out my web app hosted on Virtual Machine. After a few hiccups and learnings, I was finally able to Load Balance my web app hosted over multiple Virtual Machines. I have tried to document the steps in the form of a blog here. To scale out I used following configuration: Two […]

  • Gulp with Visual Studio

    Recently, I worked on a ASP.NET 4.6 MVC 5 project which didn’t have anything MVC about it. 🙂 It was a Single Page Application built on TypeScript, Knockout JS, CSS. Now, since it we didn’t have any server side code, we decided to give Gulp a try to concatenate and minify the JS and CSS […]

  • Publish Web App to Azure Virtual Machine – Part 2

    This post is Part 2 of the series – Publish web app to Azure VM. In this post I will take the application, we created in Part 1 and publish it on Azure Virtual Machine through Visual Studio Team Services.

  • Publish Web App to Azure Virtual Machine – Part 1

    Publish Web App to Azure Virtual Machine Part 1