Category: DevOps

  • From GitHub to NuGet

    This post talks about my journey to publish ASP.NET Core Middleware as a Nuget Package from GitHub repository through GitHub Actions.

  • Team City – Curious case of failed tests but passed build

    Recently, I had written a post on how I managed bring down build pipeline for entire organization. While I was at fault during that time, Team City should take the blame for this one. Background I had recently created a CI/CD pipeline for our new .NET Core project. As part of the build pipeline, I […]

  • .NET Core – Running Background Worker on IIS

    One of the crucial pieces of the new solution that I’m working on is RabbitMQ. For those who have never heard of RabbitMQ, it is one of the most widely used open source message broker. Since our solution is hosted on-premise, RabbitMQ was one of the most natural fit for us. Our entire solution architecture […]

  • When I brought down build-pipeline for entire organization

    December last year, last week before most of IT staff go on well-deserved vacation, when every team was trying to do one last deployment before code freeze, I brought down build-pipeline for almost every project in the company. Sounds scary? Here’s what happened. How it all started We are mostly a .NET shop and use […]

  • Journey towards UI tests greatness – Lessons Learnt

    A bit of a background I work on a long-running running project in our organization. We have a CI/CD pipeline for our project following the GitHub flow and backed by thousands of unit tests, hundreds of integration tests. However, until recently we were missing a key piece to the puzzle. UI Tests!

  • TFS User – Why you need to switch to Git

    Not too long ago, TFS and SVN were the only source control I had used. I had a very little experience of distributed source controls like Git. So when I got an opportunity to work on Git on a large scale project for the first time, I had my doubts. But, it did not take […]

  • Feature Management with Launch Darkly

    In my workplace, our project is set up for Continuous Delivery. We do a production deployment almost daily and sometimes even more than once in a day. Ours is a fairly big solution built primarily on Microsoft technologies and Git as a Source Control. Setting up CI/ CD for your solution is easier said than […]

  • Visual Studio Team Services = Git/TFS + JIRA + Team City + Octopus

    Warning: The content of this post is highly opinionated. Please exercise caution. 🙂 A bit of Background Back in 2012-13, the term Dev-Ops was unheard of in my team. We were still living in dark ages where a developer would developed the code, then write unit test cases more to get the code coverage look good […]