Category: Continuous Delivery

  • From GitHub to NuGet

    This post talks about my journey to publish ASP.NET Core Middleware as a Nuget Package from GitHub repository through GitHub Actions.

  • When I brought down build-pipeline for entire organization

    December last year, last week before most of IT staff go on well-deserved vacation, when every team was trying to do one last deployment before code freeze, I brought down build-pipeline for almost every project in the company. Sounds scary? Here’s what happened. How it all started We are mostly a .NET shop and use…

  • Journey towards UI tests greatness – Lessons Learnt

    A bit of a background I work on a long-running running project in our organization. We have a CI/CD pipeline for our project following the GitHub flow and backed by thousands of unit tests, hundreds of integration tests. However, until recently we were missing a key piece to the puzzle. UI Tests!

  • TFS User – Why you need to switch to Git

    Not too long ago, TFS and SVN were the only source control I had used. I had a very little experience of distributed source controls like Git. So when I got an opportunity to work on Git on a large scale project for the first time, I had my doubts. But, it did not take…

  • Feature Management with Launch Darkly

    In my workplace, our project is set up for Continuous Delivery. We do a production deployment almost daily and sometimes even more than once in a day. Ours is a fairly big solution built primarily on Microsoft technologies and Git as a Source Control. Setting up CI/ CD for your solution is easier said than…

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