Category: C#

  • Microsoft Bot Framework – Part 2: Publish Bot Service to Azure

    This blog post is Part 2 of how to create a chat bot with Microsoft Bot Framework which can answer FAQs on your website. This is in continuation to my previous post where I explained how to create a QnA service using Microsoft QnA service maker. You can read Part 1 of my post here.…

  • async await best practices

    aysnc await is probably one of the most important features of C#. It has made the life of developers easy. It helps developers to write clean code without any callbacks which are messy and difficult to understand.

  • Dispose HttpClient or have a static instance?

    Recently, I came across this blog post from ASP.NET Monsters which talks about correct using HttpClient. The post talks about issues of related to disposing HttpClient object for each request. As per the post calling HttpClient as below can lead to issues.

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