1819468I hold around 9 years of experience in application development & consulting. I have worked in various roles ranging from Individual Contributor, Consultant, Dev-Ops, and Development Lead depending on the nature of engagement. My specialization lies in diversified Microsoft Technologies and Products.

I have experience of carrying out development in .NET, Skype for Business, SignalR, Microsoft Azure, .NET Core, WPF, Windows 8, Windows Phone, MVC, Angular JS, Knockout JS, Typescript and Web API. I have good knowledge of patterns and frameworks like CQRS, PRISM, Caliburn.Micro.  I have experience of working in Agile (Scrum and Kanban) methodology following both TDD and BDD.

I also have a good understanding of Visual Studio, VSTS, Bitbucket, SVN, JIRA and Team City.  Additionally, I have built highly scalable solutions on Azure, envision and develop applications for­ Windows 8 and Windows phone platforms.

I strongly believe in

  • Unit testing your code left, right and center.
  • The developer writing UI Automation Tests and testing their code.
  • PR Code review with no exceptions. If a QA can find S1, S2 bugs in your feature, you have not done your job right.
  • Consistent coding standard throughout the project. A project is owned by the team NOT by an individual.

My Stack Overflow Profile
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cropped-img_20170903_113729854On the personal front, I’m from New Delhi, India. I’m currently settled in Sunshine Coast, Australia with my lovely wife and little son. It’s a peaceful, quiet place about 100 KMs from Brisbane.

I love to spend my free time with friends and family.

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